Senin, 07 November 2011

Seat Belt

Was there any of us would (voluntary) wear seat belt while driving?

Regardless with people who already aware with their own safety...I am pretty sure that ages ago people were not to keen on using seat belt. And with public transportation, if you are guessing that the seat belt has been removed then you guessed correctly.

I am well aware that using seat belt is not the most comfortable thing on earth. As for me, for being short...the seat belt often sort of choke me on the neck... but then we should try to wear it anyway.

As the seat belt will protect us if we hit something really hard. Can you imagine, if your car crashed with another car. And because of that the body of driver or passengers thrown away from the car. No wonder that nowadays seat belt is available also for passengers along with baby passengers.

So, let us try to keep ourselves safe along with people around us. Get used to the seat belt! (reminder to myself!)

3 komentar:

  1. It's supposed to people aren't allowed for having driving license if they don't use seat belt during the driving test. But there's no driving test in Indonesia, and people can get driving license easily, so who da hell cares about seat belt anyway?

  2. other people may not care but doesn't mean we also need not to care about our own safety...well, at least that is my humble opinion

  3. It takes a while for people to socialize to the idea. At some point it will feel more strange not to wear a seat belt than it is to wear one.


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