Rabu, 30 November 2011

It's my problem

In one of mailing list that I follow, one of the member threw a bait by sharing a story about using supposedly sterile busway lane in order to be home as soon as possible. The reason because this person want to see the whole family . That person also include a long list about mismanagement of public transportation.

And just like I thought before, many people took the bait...

That person realized that taking sterile busway lane was wrong. But it was something that need to be done in order to see the entire family sooner.

I read it and start to understand and realize that all passengers are always in a hurry.

"I am try to get to the hospital as quick as I can because..."

"I am tried and wish to be at home sooner to get some rest"

"I miss my family and wants to be with them soon"

Suddenly I remmbered one of dialogues on old television serial Ally Mc Beal ; between Ally and Georgia. Ally has been complaining about her problem and finally Georgia responded to her... (hopefully I quoted them correctly)

Georgia : Ally, what makes you think that your problem is more important than other people?"

Ally : becaue IT'S MY PROBLEM


So, I honestly don't care about other people who surely dying to go home sooner for various reasons. Have something to do, tired, sick, whatever. Because what matter is ME! I am tired, fed up, wants to go home sooner to get some rest and enjoying my time with my family at home.

THAT'S MY PROBLEM and I have no time to think about other people.

That is what we are now, we realize about that when we broke the rules. I am not excluded.

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