Jumat, 11 November 2011

Priority seat

Seeing this picture, I often smiled. This picture is informing to all passengers that the area near the picture should be given to pregnant women, elderly ,disable person or people with toddler.

In reality...yeah, right... Especially during rush hours and passengers flocked at the bus stop for busway. Once the busway arrive, whoosh.... all people running try to rush in to get into the bus. They wish to find an empty seat.

That is why those passengers categorized on that picture are given first chance to enter the bus. Obviously through emptier door. Otherwise, they would get crushed by people tired from long hard day in the office. Plus, they have to wait for the-heaven-hell-only-knows-where-is-the buy. So, please be understanding if they (me included... sometimes... CONFESSION) have lack of sympathy towards others. All they can think about only for themselves. I am tired, I want to get home soon, these people are blocking my way, why on earth I have to give my seat to others? I am dead tired! And so on...

Priority seat? For who?

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