Selasa, 01 November 2011


A few days ago when I was on the bus (where else could I be?); I saw a guy use space for three people sitting there to lie down and sleep. He was probably just tired coming from out of town and wanted to use empty space for a quick nap.

I think is okay as long as the bus is still empty. And that guy stop sleeping when other passengers started to rush in to find empty seat.

The problem is, there are so many people who loves making other people life become miserable. They sat in such a way that make a seat that could be used by two people end up only for one person only. You know what's like when you are about to park your car and only to find out that you have no space left because some idiots parked their cars carelessly. Space for two parking cars can't no longer be used because of that.

Once I think I have shared with you about a mother and her two daughters sitting so recklessly. Thanks to them, a seat that could be used for six persons could only be used for five. It's not because they have bigger size or whatever. But, they just loves to do things as they pleased.

Some will act if she or he is the only person live on earth and sit carelessly. Doesn't care about other people. Others even bring whatever they could bring and put them on passenger's seat. Which is really annoying because other people need to sit there. And they just act as if nothing happened. Probably they wish that nobody is going to sit here so they could put all their belongings.

We will always going to find people who only care about themselves. Come to think of it, we all paid the same fare when taking a bus. Then what drives these kind of people to think that they have the right to take other people's seats for and only to their needs?

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  1. Isn't there any conducter on the bus?
    Usually there are two, one for each door collecting money.
    The pssengers perhaps can ask the conducter to help wake the sleeping man.

  2. the conductor sometimes doesn't want to get involved. Passengers can be very nasty when they feel irritated...though it is their fault


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