Jumat, 18 November 2011

Question and answer

"Excuse me, is this mikrolet going to pass PT DAMRI?"

A guy who just went inside the mikrolet asked that question. Since I did not hear any response from other passengers I look up to see to whom this person ask the question. And it turn out, his eyes was looking at all of us passengers one by one including me. So, being polite I asked the guy about his destination. As I felt a bit sorry for this person who already being polite by asking the question but receive no answer. Too bad I have no idea about his destination. But luckily for him, the driver listened to the whole conversation and told him that this is the correct public transportation.

Once that guy has reached his destination it started me to think about something. I have seen how other passengers acting not care at all towards that person. I couldn't imagine if I was that person, try to ask about direction but nobody even bother to answer me. Yikes.

So, out of curiosity, I am wondering if you are on public transportation and a stranger ask you about direction then you will do...

A. Pretend not to hear and get busy with your gadget

B. Pretend to be deaf (err, that's pretty much the same with option A, right?)

C. Just look at that person with blank expression

D. Give that person any information that you have

Naturally I also wants to know why people prefer not to answer when being asked about a route... Is it because :

1. Suspicious if that person only pretend to ask direction

2. Not really in the mood to answer because simply not just in the mood

3. Have no information about it so choose to stay silent

What will be your answer?

2 komentar:

  1. kalo aku tahu pasti kuberitahu deh. kasihan kalo udah nanya2 gitu malah dicuekin

  2. I answer D.

    Been living in different places throughout Indonesia, so I know how it feels to be lost.
    If someone asks me about direction, I will tell him. But if the question turns for any acquaintance questions, I'll move to other seats far away :D


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