Kamis, 08 Desember 2011

Stop pushing!

In Indonesia the hardest thing to do is get everyone in order. Queuing to get their hands on free meals up to watch a music concert, most of them end up in catastrophe.

The recent event that just happened when people rushing to buy discounted (50%) new edition of Blackberry. Can't blame it all to the buyers as from what I heard the organizer also screwed things up. I read that only 1000 people could buy the new Blackberry as long as they using credit cards. And one Blackberry for one person. And that announcement drove so many people to line up even from the night before the event. Wow, just as anxious as those people who lining up to buy train tickets during holiday season. What I was wondering, if the organizer already set a limitation on how many buyers that could get the Blackberry then why they keep on receiving more and more people? Why they didn't announce that the quota has been reached and sorry, no more people could come. In reality, people who did not line up could get the blackberry easily instead of those who have been lining since the night before. No wonder people started to get anxious and that's when the chaos began. Those who standing in the back start push and push and things got out of hands.

What I would like to talk about; related to the public transportation is the push thingy.Especially when I was inside the long lining to get into the-never-seems-to-arrive-busway.

I totally despise people who keep on pushing another person in front of him/her. I am totally clueless about their intention. I mean, let put it this way to get you understand my story. Here comes an empty busway with capacity of 45 people. Obviously there are more than 45 people lining up before us. And it was happened that we stuck behind probably being the 100th person on the line. Is it by pushing people in front of us we could magically becoming the first people in line to enter the bus? The most annoying thing for me is those people who lay their hands on the back of people who stands in front of him or her. It seems this kind of person use the people in front of them as something to hold on if he or she were pushed from behind. Or he or she could just push the people in front of them as they are nothing but obstacle that need to be kicked away.

In short, I really hate those kind of people. And nothing is pleasing me more to see them get stuck inside the bus stop as the busway don't go to their destination! Hah! Eat that!

Please stop pushing other people when you are in line. And don't say that we should take a taxy if we can't handle that kind of behavior. Consider this, when you are not in good shape and got stomped by other passengers after being pushed down.

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