Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

[Grumbling edition] Stay the same

Actually, to whom public transportation are there for?

Being called public transportation then surely they are dedicated to serve the public. So, anyone can use public transportation regardless their age, gender, jobs or whatever. Anyone can board the public transportation whether they paid the fare or otherwise (well, have you seen street singers paid the fare?)

Knowing that it will be used for many people, starting from home we have to prepare ourselves to meet all kind of people. With different attitude; inside all public transportation.

Even so, we still get shock or grumbling endlessly whenever we have misfortune to encounter those kind of people...that you find no word to explain them. And they are the least of our problem. It will be another disaster if we bumping into bad guys who not only willing to take our belonging. But they also ready to take our life as well. And not to mention those offender harassing other passsenger sexually.

Do we have to be scare all the time, every moment we step out from our home. Wishing that our journey will be smooth, by means having no traffic jam and meeting those bad people?

Perhaps the sharing straight from the heart of many passengers would only be in the small column and gone on the next day. Buried with another news that sadly have the same content and problem.

Whose fault is that? Not really know because it is too complicated already. I have no idea how to relax inside public transportation. Without feeling worry that I might bumping into another bad person. Trying to look like someone with no money and avoid wearing excessive accesories. Not using my gadget in random places especially inside empty public transportation. Confuse to decide whether I should go with this public transportation or not because there are not many people inside. But if I skip this one, will there be another to take me to my destination? Scratching my head thinking how should I dress up because the problem is not coming from my dress but from the mind of the offender. Can only try to stay calm when the public transportation broke down as this would mean late going to to the office. My Boss surely will kill me for that.

Dealing with passenger also gives that same frustrated and angry feeling. The positive side, I get the idea ...and be thankful to God... Please don't let me turn to this person. The person who aggresively try to find their way among other passengers, don't want to be told even he or she has broke the written rule, always avoiding queuing (pity not all busways heading your way..., so eat that!) , love pushing other passenger by placing their hands on someone's back... Pfff... SUPER ANNOYING!

*Hmmm, pretty much the same year after year,eh?*

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