Selasa, 13 Desember 2011


Busway management try to avoid sexual harassment cases by separate women passenger from men. All women passenger are being lead to sit and stand at the front area of the bus. While the men should be at the back area.

Is this an effective way? Well we shall see :)

When I was watching the news, almost all Trans Jakarta user responded positively regarding the separation between male and female passenger. But from what I have read on the mailing list of Trans Jakarta; this way is not effective. Male passengers get cramped on the back of the bus while the front area is still empty because there is only few female passengers.

Phewww, it is hard to set up things to avoid anymore sexual harrasment cases. And more over it's even harder to find solution that could please everybody...

Honestly do we need to have separate buses? You know like special bus for women and special bus for men? So, is that mean more bus stop need to be built? And more trees to be cut off to build new bus stops?

I can only imagine those officials in charge will be the first to get scold or angry remarks by the annoyed passengers regarding this new arrangement.

So how to handle this in the nicest way, Trans Jakarta management?

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