Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

Gathering of Mailing List Suara Trans Jakarta

After years joining mailing list Suara Trans Jakarta - they can be reached at suaratransjakarta@yahoogroups.com - last Friday on 09 December 2011 I joined their gathering.

It turn out, this gathering is sort of reunion to most of them. As for me, this is the first time I get to know the faces behind the names that often appears on mailing list activity. There were also two persons from Blu Trans Jakarta. One of them; Pak Akbar gave an explanation about Trans Jakarta. And that was the moment I realized things were not so simple as we would like to think.

There are 8 buses operator hired by Blu Trans Jakarta to operate busways. So, you can imagine that each operators probably have their own policy and such about their buses maintenance procedures and employees. Maybe like running a small country with several provinces? Even the preparation for new busways could take 6-12 months!

Several members complaining also about the driver and other officials busways in charge at the scene. Why on earth they still love use handphone while driving? Why they weren't helpful to the needy passengers?

Hopefully all the critics and complains and suggestions can be accepted by Blu Trans Jakarta. I know only too well that it is not easy to please everybody on this J-planet. But nevertheless, they are servicing the public so I think they should listen, considered and if reasonable try to implement the ideas on the field.

And to the member of this mailing list, wow... I am so regretting myself not joining all gathering earlier... Where else I could find people who share the same torture and pain and suffering on busways ? Kidding. All members are people who use busways daily and therefore it is only natural that they (me included) expect the transportation could be better in so many ways and not decreasing in both quantity and quality of service.

Yay! Go Mailing List Trans Jakarta :)

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