Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

Happy New Year 2012

I have heard stories from a lot of people who went to Bangkok saying that the traffic was brutal. But that was then this is now. Bangkok now has Sky Train and MRT and seems able to reduce a bit of their nightmare traffic jam.

And how about Jakarta my beloved sin city? We did have plan to have monorail but nope... It just stay as a never-going-to-happen-plan. And ever since 2004 Busway started to serve the public...but doesn't seem to get any better. If usually we heard about robbery ending with rape or worst...murder on several not-so-popular taxis now it has expanded to another public transportation called Mikrolet. Sexual harassment, robbery, pickpocket, life-threatening situation... Phew... There are a lot problems for us passengers to deal with.

If we entered crowded public transportation then we have to be careful with sexual offender or pickpocket. But when we entered less crowded public transportation then we need to watch out for our belongings and our own life.

Wow! Maybe we should all carrying pepper spray or even a small knife to protect our self? Or perhaps we could learn how to disappear like those witches in Harry Potter series? But then again, I think I should learn how to teleport myself from home to any destination I need to go... Perhaps cheaper as I need not to take public transportation. And yipeee I could protect my own life by avoiding bad guys on public transportation...

Oh heck... It is near the new year and there is nothing wrong to have wishes for better situation in the future. So, let us welcoming the new year 2012 and hope for the better and leave out the worst.


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