Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

And everything stay the same...

One day full of rain already made chaos on Jakarta's traffic. Now it has been three days...

Too many vehicles around Jakarta, perhaps? Or lack maintenance of utilities and facilities to support traffic? It is not like we are having rainy season for the first time.

Ages ago, the only problem that we have during the heavy rain was traffic jam. Since the stoplight were mostly dead during heavy rain, you can imagine how catastrophe that was. But then again, cars and motorcycle not as many as nowadays. And now all those cars and motorcycle have to deal with problems like flood and yes that is also happening on main street. Where there are a lot of offices located there and obviously people who will be affected by the flood. And as if that is not enough, branches from trees falling down hitting parked vehicles and of course hurt people. I heard that bus stop for busway was closed due to the damages by the fallen tree. Yikes.

Then we heard that government planning to limit the usage of premium for public this April. I can't imagine if there are suddenly more people moved from their own car to public transportation. Wondering if the government able to provide enough public transportation for us the user. If not, well there is this big vision on my mind of tired faces people who wait and wait for the never coming public transportation. While doing so they probably think...when this is going to end?

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