Senin, 16 Januari 2012

Empty hopes

Usually people hope for the best along with another year to come.

Apparently that kind of hope is not going to happen this year; related to public transportation. I am so fed up with everything that I saw it made me not really in the mood to update my blog last week.

What more can I talk about? About how Jakarta getting crowded with more people to come but no additional public transportation? Damaged facilities like shattered glasses on bus stop for busway due to fight of local residents? Or damaged rooftop on busway corridor after got hit by falling tree, damaged street and flooded during rainy days, aging bus that always broke down on the street, crazy bus drivers. Not to mention egoistic passengers, vicious to one another, cars that always enters street for busways (probably because they get tired stuck in traffic), motorcycle drivers and people who cross the street but never bother to look around, all are still the same.

Same things goes to drivers of other public transportation. Though now all of them have to bring ID, doesn't mean they stop using other (illegal) driver to operate their vehicle. Those illegal drivers mostly are speeding drivers that scare passengers.

Using train at peak hours doesn't give you any comfort either. If that train can stretch itself, it would probably stretched like a big balloon due to over passengers inside.

Most passengers try not to care as long as they can get to their destination with cheap fare.

Last Friday I passed transit bus stop for busway and they have not repair these damages! Considering now it's raining almost daily I hate to think what that will do to passengers.

Feel so sad being a passenger here in Jakarta.

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  1. Don't be too upset, things have to get worse before they can get better. I am sure public transportation will improve this year.

  2. Hi Ria,

    I used to be very angry with the transportation in Jakarta and hoped that one day I can go out taking a convenient public transportation.
    Well that was before I visited Jambi last week whereby taxis do not have argometers yet hard to get, angkot routes are short. The most available one is the Ojek. But taking a ride on Ojek in a place you just visited is not convenient.

    So when I returned to Jakarta I took a ride on Damri bus to Blok M then took a taxi to my home.
    The moral of the story :
    Public transportation in Jakarta is still the best place to in Indonesia, although it is bad compared to other cities in the world.

  3. Dear Luke and Harry, yeah I suppose it is still too early to be upset so let us hope for the best through all the year for public transportation in Jakarta

  4. how much budget was spent to build it?? Now it become useless!


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