Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

Living in Jakarta is tough

Few days to go before Lunar Year celebration, suddenly there was shocking news. Someone drove her car and hit 12 pedestrians. Took the life of 9 and if you count the unborn child then all total : 10 victims. Die for nothing. Horrible!

People said that living here in Jakarta was hard. Being pedestrian you could get hit by speeding cars, while you are crossing the street or just standing near the bus stop. If you use public transportation (take your pick starting from the cheapest to the expensive) then you might be mugged or worst. Sexual harassment escalate to rape. Or if you are out under the heavy rain, a falling (big heavy) tree could also kill you.

Facilities to be used for the people also not being maintained regularly. Damaged bus stops for busway due to the weather or riots. The bus broke down while still on the road, broken chair inside the bus, lousy air con and many more :(

Makes you wonder every time you go out from your home...will I be able to arrive safely to wherever I wants to go?

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  1. better stay at home, don't go anywhere! hehe..

  2. Life is a risky business, not just in Jakarta but everywhere.

  3. hahaha, that will be impossible - to stay at home ^_^ @Jasmine

    So true @Gratcia


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