Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Seat Reservation

Are you taking a bus or an airplane? Seriously? Seat Reservation? Is it travel car between cities? Nope, just local transportation. And yet, you need to have a seat reservation?

It isn't unsual for people here have a reserved seat for their friends. You can find them during lunch time at the food court or coffee shops. But rarely on public transportation. Then again, this is Jakarta where any absurd things can happen.

Once I went with a friend of mine to watch a live show from one major television station here in Indonesia. When we were about to take a seat. a mother with her daughter told us not to sit there. They said there are people going to sit there. Yup. There were several empty seats but we coudn't sit there. So, while grumbling we took another spot and sat there. That's when we saw many people just arrived and take the reserved seats. They probably have many seats reserved for the whole neighborhood. Goodness!

Why I suddenly talk about this? On dailynews Kompas dated 14 october 2012 there was a story about a guy try to have a seat reserved for his friend. From his conversation through handphone, his friend was waiting in another busway stop. So, when he got two empty seats he quickly put the backpack on the empty seat. He then take another near empty seat. Then another passanger entered the busway. The new passenger was about to take a seat when this guy stop him. He said the seat has been taken. The new passenger was upset and persistently asked where is that person? Not here? So, why can't he sit there? After another angry passengers terrorizing this guy, he finally gave up. And even decided to gave up both his seat and the reserved one. That guy left the busway when it reached the next busway stop.

To be honest, I did that too ages ago. When my friend and I were waiting for the bus along with dozen other passenger we decided whoever managet to get in first would reserve a seat. After struggling to try get inside the bus one of us rush to get two empty seats. Usually other passengers would do the same and drive other people upset. Well, they were about to take a seat but have to find another because we said it has been taken. But come to think of it; in my defense we are not lying. As it is only take a few minutes and there the person who should sit near to me.

Theoritically, this is a no-no while using public facilities. The person who get there first will get the seat or whatever. This is not a restaurant where we could reserve a chosen table just for us. I mean, seriously we all paid the fare but if there is no seat then fine. We will stand until our feet get cramp but once there is an empty seat.... Should not be reserved for another person who still waiting in another busway stop. Really!

I think when you are trying to fight even for the right thing you should get help from many people. If one on one, I guarantee it will only be mouth argument and when you are out of luck other people will record it and post on youtube. When a person being judged by public because he or she did something wrong that is when they realized...okay, I did something wrong. Therefore, I should just quit my stupid act and get away from these angry people. What can I say. Cheater never prosper.

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