Rabu, 28 November 2012

Rainy Season

And here the rain season comes again! There is always mixed feelings for me whenever the rainy season has arrived again. Jakarta, with or without heavy rain always have this terrible traffic jam. And it gets worst whenever rains pouring down hard on earth. Perhaps, after the rain all those cars run slowly for fear having an accident due to slippery road. So, there the traffic jam for hours and hours even after the rain has stop. I remembered there once this heavy rain hit Jakarta. And afterwards, many people sort of "staying overnight" on the road. Totally stuck, awful traffic jam. You just stay there, at the exact spot for hours. That is why sometimes I see no different in driving your own car with using public transportation. Once you get stuck in the middle of traffic jam, the stress will be the same. You can't go anywhere else, just stay there. Waiting for the miracle to happen.

What we need to be more cautious during the rainy season , especially for busway users are the possibility of flood. Flood not only one of the main reason of traffic jam. But also the closing of several busway stop due to heavy flood. Yeah, so that busway stop is the place you transit to another busway then prepare for the worst. Because there will be no subtitution to help passenger to continue their journey. You just have to figure out yourself how to get to your destination. Perhaps, when the rain start pouring hard you need to  consider other transportation as your back up plan. Plus, usually you will have to wait longer for busway during rainy season. As you can see in the picture, many cars entered the lane for busway.

Need to remind yourself that traffic jam may caused by tree branches falling down on the road. Even though nobody hurt or damaged any vehicles, traffic jam will surely happen because officials in charge will need to remove those fallen branches from the road.

Due to the heavy rain, passengers need to walk carefully along the busway corridor because it's going to be slippery and it's no fun at all if you have to fall there. Not to mention that the roof often heavily damaged.

So, prepare yourself for delays, traffic jam, and don't forget to bring your umbrella or rain coat during the rainy season. Welcome rain!

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