Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

Home Coming

Slowly but sure people starting to get pack and ready to go home to their hometown away from Jakarta. People probably wondering why on earth same thing always happens during these getaway season. Traffic jam all over the place.

How can't be traffic jam? I heard that there are about 6 million of people leaving Jakarta to their home town. If they are going home on the exact same day (for about 2 -3 days before Idul Fitri) then you can imagine how crowded the road must be. No wonder it has been said so many times that we have to know about holiday on other province or even in another country. For example, if we are in Bali on Seclusion Day then we will be so clueless about things to do. As on that day there are no activity in all over Bali. And they make sure of it. Or you go traveling here in Indonesia from one province to another near Idul Fitri celebration. Then I can assure you are going to be stuck for hours due to heavy traffic jam.

More over, all tickets for buses, trains, ships and airplane are all skyrocketing pricey. And on the train the situation could get worse as you may not get a seat! It's okay if the trip only takes about an hour but what if it takes about 3 - 4 hour?

Another reminder, people will bring a lot of stuffs from here to there. I remembered my aunt leaving Jakarta to her home town and she brought so many stuffs that have to be scattered in so many places. Lucky for her none of the passengers were angry at her. Probably because they rather reluctant to do so considering my aunt is an elderly.

Well, for people who went through all that trouble to see their family back home then the exhausting journey is worth it. But to those who just want to have a nice vacation, then it could be hell on earth. So, think wise and plan carefully before you take a vacation during peak season :)

Please take care to those of you who about to go home this weekend:) Remember to not accept anything from stranger especially food and drinks during on the road. Have a nice holiday!

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