Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Damaged bus

When I was having a chit chat with my friend who rarely using busway; I was a bit shock.

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I am sure to those who often use busway already aware that busway have two doors on the right and left side. If the bus stop is located on the right, then the door on the right will be opened for passengers. While the door on the left naturaly will remain close.

Well, that's what we thought. It turn out if we are not aware, those two doors could be opened just like that at the same time. Imagine if you think that on the next bus stop; only door on the right that will be opened. So, you lay your back on the left door. Then whoosh.... Suddenly the left door open and you will loose your balance and fall out from the bus.

Not only that, my friend complained about the not so comfy seat. The air con that not running very well while the weather outside is so hot!

So, what is so fun anymore to take busway?

2 komentar:

  1. Scary.
    Knowing the mentality of bus operators here in maintaining the buses, it is difficult to say that no one will hurt while riding busway.

  2. indeed.... Passengers need to keep on reminding themselves to be careful


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