Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

Additional facility

Yesterday, I read on this mailing list about Trans Jakarta. A member of
that mailing list complained that there was this passenger told her kid to
just take a pee while on the busway. She found out about it and asked the
mother not to do so. The father then whispering to the mother, blamed her
why she could get caught by another passenger. Yikes

Perhaps this could be a valuable input for Trans Jakarta management to
provide public rest rooms inside the bus stop. So, naturally the workers
there could also use it and be responsible to keep it clean for others to
use. Seeing many bus stop for Trans Jakarta do not have toilets; I
wondered where those workers go when they have the need.

And maybe this could be something to ponder about to add more rules like
no eating nor drink inside the busway. THey should add NO PEE NOR POOPY
INSIDE BUSWAY (kidding, but you get what I meant)

If we have to give consideration to one person, the others will then demand the same thing. Then sooner or later we will riding not a bus but a toilet bus.

I am over reacting?

Well, maybe. But one of the reasons people make rules in order to give us comfort in using public facilities. They told you not to drink or eat on the bus . Probably to avoid people puke after having full lunch on the bus. Imagine we the other passengers have to bear the smell... Yuck

Hopefully this could be good input for Trans Jakarta so both user and officers and workers on duty feel if not overjoyed then at least happy. And for passengers...well... Madam, Sir... That is a public transportation and not your own home. Kindly save your anger if other people told you not to do something crazy like having your children pee on the bus. Because, no matter how desperate the problem is...what you did give bad example for the younger generations or others...

(And please stop saying that the reason I could say something like this is because I have no children of my own)

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