Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

Kids learning from their parents

I know it is not fair to just simply blame the parents for the bad behavior of their children. However, I saw something when I was about to go home by train few days ago on Wednesday 22nd June 2011.

After hanging out with my friend in Bogor, I went home using economic train with AC back to Jakarta. The ticket fare is at IDR 5,500.00 , half price compare to Pakuan Express. I chose that because that was the available train on 15.42 while Pakuan Express would be available on 16.20. If the train able to be there on time.

So, I went to the train carriage for women and guess what...already full with passengers! But two girls perhaps took pity on me standing, they decided to give a bit of space so I could sit. It was a tiny space to sit but better rather than standing all the way home.

While reading newspaper, I heard a voice (sounded like a teenager) asking,"Why they need to have special train carriage for women?"

Pfff, obviously she never met pervert in her real life out there to ask that kind of question.

Then she asked her mom,"Moooom, why on earth we did not take Express Train to go home?"

What is that suppose to mean? Does she hate sat on tiny space because I suddenly there beside her? Then she shaking her body over and over again, as if she hoped I would fall from the chair.

On the next station a mother with her daughter who sat in front of me left their seats. They get off on that station so I stand up and take her seat. That was when I finally saw the condition from my previous seat.

Oh dear Madam, you do realize that you can move your big butt a bit so I can have more space? No wonder your children follow your behavior by sitting recklessly. You know, you are not the only one who paid the ticket fare. So, why was it so hard for you to move a bit?

No wonder your children just follow your bad behavior. When you use public transportation, try to have some manner a bit or at least have a bit of heart towards others?

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  1. Parents play a dominant role on their children until they grew up.


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