Kamis, 23 Juni 2011


I am rarely taking train as public transportation in Jakarta... So, I decided to try to use it anyway... Before the train fare rising up like crazy on 2nd July 2011

Usually I only went to the Station Kota (central station for trains in Jakarta). But yesterday I decided to go to Station Kota then continue to Bogor. To go to Station Kota I bought AC Economic at price IDR 4,500.00 and decided to stand inside carriage for women only. It was fun to see only women inside the carriage and they busy chatting to each other

To get off from the carriage need a lot of efforts because there is no stair to reach the platform. So, eventually you need to jump. I went straightly to buy train ticket AC Economic to Bogor. But the official in charge informed that it would be better if I just buy ticket for Pakuan Express at IDR 11,000.00 as it will be leaving shortly. So, I bought the ticket and asked where the train would be. The official said it would be on platform 11 or 12. When I saw there is a train already I ran and asked whether this train would go to Bogor. The other passenger said yes. Inside I asked a lady and while confirmed she asked me whether this is my first time... Wow, really give it away.... Then she asked me what kind of ticket that I bought. When she found out I bought ticket for Pakuan Express she told me I was in the wrong train. So, I get out and wait at platform 11.

I asked a girl standing in the same platform and thanks God she also using Pakuan Express. We were told that the train would leave Station Kota to Bogor at 08.49 AM but it turn out the train did not show until 09.30 AM! The train left Station Kota at approximately 09.40 AM! The waiting took longer than the journey itself...I suppose.

At Station Depok they told us to get off from the train, go to platform 2 and use another train. Don't know why but at least we did not have to wait too long like when you have to transit or anything like that. So around 11.00 AM the train arrived at Station Bogor. The journey did not take long as the train only stop at three stations. While Economic trains will stop at every stations.

Well, all I could tell you that there is always announcement from official in charge through loudspeaker about the incoming and departing trains along with their destinations. However, for foreigners they will find it a bit tricky as all announcement, writing are in Indonesian. Not to mention the delaying time will drive you crazy and you have to keep on asking another people. Good thing is Indonesian people always ready to help out, like that girl. The one that I asked about Pakuan Express. She always inform me whenever we have to change platform as if she feel responsible since I was asking her help in the first place.

Well, anyway... I will continue about my trip with train later on :)

picture taken from :  http://www.tempointeraktif.com/hg/layanan_publik/2009/08/04/brk,20090804-190638,id.html 

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  1. Hi Ria,

    I love riding trains, especially long route ones. Usually I would walk around and spend some time at the train's cafetaria.

  2. Hi Hari, I rarely taking train for transportation because the schedule sort of drive me crazy :D


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