Selasa, 21 Juni 2011

Busway and riots

All these times, I have encountered few times to riots in the middle of the street when I was on the bus

But on 19th June 2011, I saw by my own eyes how crazy people were when they brawling one another. They did not care about themselves especially to other people passing through that road; around Pasar Rumput area.

They were throwing rocks, fire crackers, or anything they can think of to their opponents. The bus that I was in it, got stuck in the middle of the riot. The driver only have seconds to think whether he should go back or just speeding up passing this crazy mob.

After informed his colleagues, the driver then step on and passing those people on the road. THey eventually feel disturb and threw rocks at our bus. Inside, the women passengers were screaming. Some of them asked the driver to just go back. The rest screaming to just hit those people and run.
Good thing, nobody was hurt.

Hopefully goverment will pay attention to people at that area as they seems love having a brawl. Then after that destroyed public facilities. Just look what happened to the bus stop near Pasar Rumput area. The glass were no longer there... Those people do not care that other people might get injured or something... Perhaps it is time they were given attention or something?

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