Rabu, 08 Juni 2011


Ever wondering why people prefer to risk their safety by standing near the door instead inside the bus?

There are too many people inside the bus especially in the middle. You will find yourself in the middle of so many passengers, complaining to don't know who as there is nothing you can do but standing there.

During peak hours, there will so many passengers entering the bus and naturally both driver and his assistant will happily let them all in. Even if passengers inside already yelling or even complaining that there is no more space for more people... I suppose we are like a baggage or something...

Anyway, the trouble begin when you are about to get off from the bus. If you happen to be in luck by having a good sleep while you are sitting nicely then before you reach the destination you need to be prepared. You have to leave your comfy seat at this one bus stop before reaching your destination's bus stop. Then after leaving your seat, you will have to fight your way to the door. You have to pass those crowded people slowly. If you are in luck, you might reach the door just in time the bus reaching your destination. But if you are still stuck in the middle, the driver will then thinking that no passenger get off from the bus and just continue driving to the next bus stop.

The annoying thing is that there are so many people standing near the door while they still have a long way to go before reaching their destination. They probably worried they will not hear the driver's assistant announcing the name of the bus stop or afraid that they will get off at the wrong bus stop. The result, you standing behind these people politely thinking that they are getting off at the same destination as you are. Only then later finding out they are not getting off and only blocking your way to the door.

So now you can understand why people prefer standing near the door even if they risk their life for that.

Crazy but it is the reality...

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  1. Hi Ria,
    Glad to see you again.
    One this that we must be very careful when we are inside a very crowded bus is that we should always beware of thieves.

  2. @Harry yes Harry... pickpockets are everywhere

    @Anna me toooo


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