Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

Imported USED buses

 Only  in Jakarta Indonesia you can find so many used buses from various countries

My cousin told me a funny story about riding the imported ugly looking used bus which originally from Japan. Naturally, the air condition is not working, the seats are seems torn out and blah, blah...you get the picture.

But that day, all the passengers, driver and his assistant got a funny surprise... A (seemingly looking) Japanese tourist waved frantically to the bus and looking so serious. When the bus finally stop, instead of getting on the bus the Japanese tourist ran to the front of the bus and ...click, click... He took several pictures of the bus...

After successfully made everybody astonished the tourist stop taking pictures and move away from blocking the bus. With a wide smile he waved away making everybody laughing

We are positively thinking that he will send the picture to his comrades in Japan. Saying that hey, look I found the garbage still operating here in Jakarta Indonesia

Picture taken from http://www.gm-marka.web.id/showthread.php?t=631&pagenumber=

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  1. Seems that our bus is canibalism, used things that should be buried.. :D

    This is why I prefer using pedicab, coz pedicab is originally Indonesian and has nothing came up from middle of nowhere..

  2. Before I came here (years and years ago) I worked in Canada. Our work required the use of truck mounted equipment and we used to joke about how old the trucks were. One of them was actually sent to the Smithsonian as a donation. One year we got rid of those old trucks and a year later I found myself seconded to go to Sumatra to start up a truck based operation. You will never guess what was waiting for me when I arrived in the middle of the jungle....my old truck! It was like meeting an ex girlfriend from a bad relationship. God knows how they managed to get it into the country and amazingly enough it still worked (most of the time).

  3. @Vicky, there is no pedicab in Jakarta I think... ANd if yes there is...I am not so sure I want to go with it... :D

    @PJ hahahahaha, you comment is the best so far :D
    i CAN Imagine how shock you must be seeing your old truck after all these times (ehm, do you take pictures? hehehe)


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