Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Ticket fare

A few days ago I read on this site that PT Kereta API Indonesia planning to raise the fare to IDR 8,000.00 as there will be only two kind of train service. One the economic class and the second the one with the pricey fare (at IDR 8,000.00).

People naturally complaining about it. They thought that the goverment does not appreciate them for leaving their personal vehicle at home and choosing the public transportation. Now, most of them considering to use their own car or motorcycle as the fare is unbelievable high.

picture taken from : http://anggriawan.web.id/2007/10/tiket-penuh-cerita.html

I remembered few years ago when the goverment planning the same thing with busway. They planned to raise the fare from IDR 3,500.00 to IDR 5,000.00
Until now, the busway fare still at IDR 3,500.00 and hopefully will stay that way for a long time.

If they wish to raise the fare have they considered whether the facilities given already able to fill out the needs of the users out there?

Using public transportation means people have to consider the timing, as sometimes the waited train or bus do not arrive on time. People also worried that there might be a worse possibility that the public transportation will not be coming for another hour. So, they push themselves to the crowded bus or train in order to arrive at their destination on time...

If the fare is up and people choose to leave public transportation and prefer use their own vehicles... I can already imagine the traffic jam... Probably worst than the usual traffic jam... People might consider to go home late at night just to avoid traffic. While we all know, walking on the street or being in the public transportation at night have their own risk.

So, the new fare? Really?

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  1. yeah...government...don't know what's on their mind.

  2. well, you can't depends on people who never take public transportation


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