Rabu, 15 Agustus 2012

Another Reminder

Life, when we think about it is a repetition of same things all over again. It's called routine. Every morning we all race to reach our destination. an office or school. Wake up so early just to find someone else has beat us again. Street full with cars in the wee early of the morning. So, there we are getting stuck with other passengers on public transportation because we woke up late. Other reason, we do get up early but the public transportation didn't arrive on time. So the result is the same. We stuck together with others like baggage inside the warehouse.

And now, some of us who are going to visit our hometown will obviously go through the same thing. Cramped inside public transportation with longer duration on the journey. So tired, don't you think?

So, I am going to remind you all again about tips and warning which I have posted here in this blog.

1. Pray
No matter where you go don't forget to say a prayer, so can go to your destination and back again with no harms at all.

2. Fit condition
If you are going to travel far, then you need to know whether you are fit or not. This condition applied to those driving their own car or motorcycle and others who use public transportation. You need to be in a very fit condition when driving either car or motorcycle because...helllooow... When you are driving, whether the journey is short or takes forever then we need to be careful. Especially if we bring our family then it means their life is our responsibility. If the driver is having flue then he or she won't be able to consume medicine. Medicine for cold usually have side effect like feeling drowsy or sleepy and therefore is a no-no. If we are not in our best condition while using public transportation then we know what happen. We won't be able to use our strength to force our way in. And what if we don't get any seat all the way to our hometown? It may not happen but there is always a possibility. The trip is not going well due to our sickness, we have endangered ourselves and we may forget about our plan to have a wonderful holiday trip back home.

3. Stay alert
There is a connection between stay alert with being fit. If we are not fit enough then it will be hard for us to stay alert. And why do we need to stay alert? There are a lot of reasons. You need to watch out for you children if you bring them on this long journey back home. Plus, you need to be careful with your own baggage that can easily be stolen from you by pickpocket or talented mugger. And the worst thing is to accept kindness from stranger when we really need it. Say, you are thirsty and someone offers you a drink. You probably would take it without thinking. That person maybe sincere but most of the time is unlikely. Most of them are just bad people taking advantage on others. They have put drugs on the offered meal so it will knock out the person who eat it. After that their victim will be left just like that on the bus, collapsing and worst died due overdose. Yeah, I know it's tiring when we have to stay alert all the time but I suppose that is mandatory for us to do.

4. Money
Bring enough money and don't keep them in one place.  You can keep them in your bag, purse, whatever just don't put all of them in one place. Naturally, we don't want any of them gone but trust me s**t happens.

So, have a great holiday for all of you, Happy Independence Day and wishing you : Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri too. Take care!

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