Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012

Fashionista on the Bus

I am not a fashionable person. Well, everybody knows that...I am sure my friends will scream that to me. I remember exactly every comments that people gave me whenever they saw my appearance during my working years.
"Oh, your office allows you to dress like this?"
"Wow! Your office sounds like fun with their employee looking so casual like this!"
"Hmmm, do you work in a office or actually in a factory?"

I am sure you begins to get curious about my appearance. Okay. I will share it with you.

When I started to work, I try to dressed up as I was supposed to be. Shoes with 5 cm heels (that's all I can handle) with blazer, shirt and trousers. I was lucky working in a back office so I didn't have to see customer or other people outside the office. So they allowed us to wear trousers. In the beginning, I did try to wear skirt. But I was having many problems when I have to use the crossing bridge or taking the bus. So, yeah...trousers more fit for me to do my activities. Okay, that was how I dress to the office in the beginning of my working days. Kindly be reminded, that in the early of year 2000 the street was not as crowded as today. However, I hardly ever found an empty bus after office hour. So there I was, huddle inside crowded passengers. The result, I was sweating all over the place due to the blazer. And the blazer making me hard to move around freely. Plus, though only 5 cm heels but to keep on standing on it for 1 hour was driving me exhausted. So, after spending few years like this I decided to change my style.

I started to keep my working shoes in the office. A blazer in the closet. When I left home for work I used sport shoes or sneakers along with jumper. Don't I get totally sweat all over the place by using jumper? Of course! But, it has so many functions. When it rains, it can covers me completely if by any chance I forgot to bring my umbrella. Inside the bus, my jumper protecting me from other passenger's sweats. You realize that you will not be able to avoid it since we were all standing so close to one another. While using sneakers I could stand for hours and give me no problem. Well, me and high heels were never meant to each other. So, yeah sport shoes is always my main choice to do several activities.

But how about weekend? I tends to dress more properly during the weekend especially when I was about to hang out at the mall. Sometimes, I did bring my shoes on my bag and use sandals while using public transportation. But I prefer jeans and loafer shoes as it is easier for me to move around. I don't use too many accessories as usually they turn into disaster for me. Scarf get stuck at the door or bracelet torn after get stuck with other people's clothes. Yeah, believe it or not.

Well, my advice is to just dress up for comfort when you are on the bus. And make sure you are not going to be a center of attention because over dress.

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