Senin, 02 April 2012

Grow up!

 Do you ever wonder why on earth people still insisting to ride on a crowded bus? Or you are probably amaze to see so many people sitting on the rooftop of a crowded train...

Yeah, yeah... It's not because those people have no clue about the danger. But simply, there is no other choice but to hop into the public transportation. Why? Because it will take forever to wait for the next bus or train. And that will mean those people going to be late to reach their destination. And most of them are trying to be in the office right on time, to avoid bad appraisal. So, yeah...sure what they have broken the rule. But situation give them no other alternatives, I know because well... I have been there. Not sitting on the rooftop of train but hanging on my dear life while taking a bus.

We all know the risk when make up our mind to break the rule in order to get what we want. We are not proud of it and not try to justify our reason why we break it in the first place. And when we flaunting it to other people then we do need to realize they will not be so understanding. Because when we broke the rule, we interrupt things that should be done orderly. And therefore other people will take the impact of our wrongdoings. They are not going to be so happy to know that, no matter what your reason behind it.

Just be a grown up and take responsibility on our action... Don't weeping around try to get approval from everyone about the reason why we decide to break the law.

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