Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Sophisticated driver

Never ever judge a person from his or her appearance.

A few days ago, I was sitting beside this mikrolet's driver. As usual, I was itching to use my blackberry so I let it out from my bag and started my (NOT) important activities. And then the conversation start to begin:

Driver (D): That is a Blackberry with xxx's type, madam? (he stated the exact type)

Me (M) : Yes

D : Aside from its track ball, this Blackberry has touch screen functions , right?

M: (while thinking, woww...he knows about that) yes

D: That YYY is the most recent type from Blackberry, right? I heard it has bigger memory and unlike the previous type it doesn't hang all the time

M: I don't really know about that (he is such an expert)

D: How much is the price of your Blackberry, madam?

M: I have no idea. I didn't buy this as I got it from a quiz (I said a quiz to look more sophisticated than just get it from door prize)

D: (envious look clearly on his face) Got it for free? Wow!

And then we have nothing to say to each other until I was about to get off from his mikrolet...

D: Madam, may I buy your Blackberry for 2 Million Rupiah? Or exchange it with my Blackberry Gemini... (he pointed at his Blackberry placed on the dashboard)

M: Thanks but it is not for sale (while LOL and paid the fare)

HUAHAHAHAHAH... There is no way I am going to sell my gadget or swap with his Blackberry. I might get it for free but doesn't mean I want to sell it.

A lesson taken, just because he is a mikrolet's driver don't think he doesn't follow the update news of current technologies. As a matter of fact, he has more knowledge compare to me... Hehehehhe

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  1. Indeed my gardener probably knows more about the cellphone (and motorbike for that matter) market than I ever will.


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