Selasa, 24 April 2012

Public Transportation Day

Today is National Public Transportation Day. Really?

Nothing special happened today as everything just went on as usual. No special treat on bus fare or getting comfort more than usual.

I am sure that many people feel dissappointed and annoyed when using public transportation in Jakarta. For example?

When you were told get off and move to another public transportation that headed to the same direction.

Usually it happens when there is lack of passengers on board so the driver decided he wants to make a turn back. And therefore asked another driver of public transportation to take his passengers. Like for example, you are the one and only passenger on this Metromini 604. When the driver bumping into another metromini 604 he asked you to move there. You need not to pay double for the fare obviously. So why many people so angry when they told to move to another public transportation?

Because you probably have to go out under the heavy rain to move to another public transportation. or, you might not going to get a seat after you move to another bus.

And like my friend said, don't expect too much by paying only 2,000 Rupiah. Like a very polite driver or a comfy seat. Wondering what is the purpose of having National Public Transportation day after all?

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