Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

Pay the fare, please

Usually, I wrote about my daily rants about myself while taking public transportation. Well, this time is the other way around though I might have written about this previously. Now, I am going to write the story that I heard from mikrolet's driver

Mikrolet is not the same with bus related to the fare. For buses, the fare is the same for short and long destination. Some people doesn't like to pay full when they feel they only have been in the bus for short time. Or we can say that they actually can walk to their destination but perhaps too lazy. Mikrolet has different fares, depends on how long the passengers destination. The shorter your destination then the cheaper is the fare. And even so, passenger still trying not to pay in full for the fare. And guess what... Yes, female passengers are the most naughty passenger who always try to avoid paying in full. Can't really blame them as they are the financial adviser at home. Things that need to be cut, they will do so without hesitation.

But one day, I saw a male passenger with two kids paid the fare for himself only. That made other passenger asked the driver why on earth that guy only paid for one person while he also taking 2 kids? The driver, calmly said that the guy wasn't the only one. There were others just like him, but he was not really keen to pressure them in order to paid full.

Wow, this kind of driver is very rare. When the driver pissed off over one lousy passenger, he can be moody all day long. Several of them probably ranting about that passenger, saying nasty things. The driver probably think that his income will be lesser than usual. He was angry to that passenger and know nothing else to lash out his anger but to speed up his car. So, the passenger who paid less fare have nothing to fear about his or her life. They have moved on thinking ah, I am able to cut my expenses. But his or her action leaves other passengers scare to death. Why? Because the driver speeding up his car and God knows what will happen next. The driver probably just told all other passengers to get out and move to another public transportation. Or he could grumbling all day long and being nasty to other passengers.

Come to think of if, when the driver is nice then there is always at least one lousy passenger who probably paid less or doing something to annoy others.

So, do we really need to meet bad drivers to make up our mind and paid the fare as it should be?

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  1. i love public transportation :)
    i called microlet with: angkot :p


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