Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

Sharing The Thoughts

I just want to share my thoughts or my rants to be exact . What I wanna talk about is habit of most Indonesian. They are: Impatient and don't care attitude. Why did I say that?

in so many things, this communication tool give many benefits and also able to disclose the real person in people. Many times that stewardess warning passengers to turn off their phones. Still, these kind of people keep on talking as if they are radio disc jockey or something. Stewardess has no effect, other passenger has no effect, and finally when several passengers get angry then this person finally turn off the cellphones. Probably he or she barking back before give in to other people's demand. Will there business worth million going to lapse because turning off the cellphone? Can't this be settled while still on the ground and not when you already inside the plane?

Wondering way this one particular place always drive people nuts and impatient arise from everybody. If people only nag about how long the train takes time to pass by then is still normal. I mean, don't we all? But if that impatient turn into crazy act like just drive through the railways though the siren already blaring loudly... That's really so not responsible. It is not only inviting danger to the driver but also the passenger. Not only drivers from public transportation but also motorcyclist ! Wondering what is so damn important to drive people just can't wait until the train already passed the railway.

Don't care, impatient, is all about me, erhm... you know you don't own the street. Everything that we did out of being impatient, don't care or whatever...will impact other people in a very destructive result.

So, will we ever learn to control ourselves?

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