Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Crossing the street

Isn't it annoying to see people prefer to cross the street through busway lane rather than crossing bridge? It is a dangerous situation for them and other people. How many times we have read on newspapers about people got run over by busway?

But before we judging those people on why oh why they prefer to choose dangerous way rather than crossing the bridge which put danger on them and other people. Let's try to find out the reason behind why people prefer to use busway lane to cross the street.

1. Lazy
The point is, people will always look for easier way rather than the hard way. Like you have to cross the river to get to another town. You may keep on using the bridge which heavily damaged. Or you can use a boat. But if you wish to use safer way then you have to take another road which is going to take your time longer. Which one will be your option? I have to admit, I choose the boat though the river might swept me away...
Or people just simply lazy to take the stairs. They would rather running down the street then have to use crossing bridge

2. Don't have the strength
We are not all healthy strong person and have no problem in climbing the stairs. Often, some of us need to do it slowly when walking on  the street. And you know what, that is the USE of crossing on Zebra Cross. But most drivers neglect the fact that WHEN PEOPLE USE ZEBRA CROSS to cross the street...THEY NEED TO STOP DRIVING!

3. Safety
Most people got robbed on the crossing bridge. I have experienced that myself ages ago and it happened in the morning! So, no wonder most people try to avoid crossing the bridge especially at night

4. Situation
We often saw many public transportation ignore the regulation and they went through the busway lane. As you all aware, busway lane located in the middle of the road. Busway has their own bus stop and passengers must take off at located bus stop. But when passengers from regular buses have to get off from it, then they have to accept the fact that they were "kicked out" from the bus and standing in the middle of the busway lane. They need to be careful with the running busway on the spot where they are standing. And they also need to watch out for other cars as they have to cross the street.

So, how about you? Any particular reason why oh why you prefer to avoid the crossing bridge?

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  1. I wont cross the street unless there is a bridge. People are used to taking the shortest route possible and so they think it wont happen to them and just walk out.
    I have little sympathy for people who do this and even less for those that stop other buses in the bus lane and then get off and cross 3 lanes of busy traffic as they are too lazy / stupid to wait until bus is on the right side of the road in order for them to get off

  2. true, but like I said not all of them are lazy. Some don't have enough strength to climb the stairs. And others got stuck in the middle of the road because crazy drivers riding their vehicle through busway lane :(


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