Senin, 28 Mei 2012

Music can drive you crazy

Is there any of us who don't like to listen to the music? Though we are probably not someone who has the need to buy all the CD and such. But listening to a song can be a problem for the health of your ears and head. Especially if we dislike the genre of the song. And it happens a lot when we are on public transportation.

Just for your information, ages ago my dad and I even argued about what music we prefer to listen while he was driving. Perhaps to avoid being sleepy; my dad always prefer to listen to techno kind of music. You know, the kind of music that makes you dance all night long at night club or other hang out places. And I think, if the reason is to avoid getting sleepy then why not listening to Linkin Park? See? It's hard to find one that we both like. Naturally, it's driver's absolute right to choose whatever kind of music he prefer to listen. Then we will protest! I am the one who paid the fee to use the public transportation. Or; that driver work for me so it is up to me to pick the song. Yeah, right.

So many times I have to endure torture listening to crappy music that the driver prefer to listen on public transportation. Let me elaborate the meaning of crappy to my standard. The driver use the highest volume so even the dead will surely wake up just hearing the sound of it. Second, his taste didn't match with mine. And it will give me more headache. I really feels of getting off from the public transportation because of that.

But, obviously we can't tell them to shut it down. They could snap back at us like: hey, you can take another bus if you don't like my music. So, don't even think to try ask them to change the music. Or you will end up like me, ages ago when I was travelling with my family around North Sumatra.

So, me and my family rent a car along with the driver to take us for sightseeing. After few KM, I really totally hate the music that keep on playing, personal choices by the driver. It's not a folk song or traditional song. I have no idea what kind of song was that. I assume it must be very popular at that time around North Sumatra. And what made it worst, he has this cassette playing over and over again. There was a conversation and singing; in short it drove me crazy. Then, suddenly my mother snap at the driver to turn off the music. She said she is having a headache just to hear those songs. Well, customer always, he obliged and turn off the music. Within minutes our car almost crash with another car! So, with all the strength I could muster I told the driver to keep on playing his cassette. I whispered to my mom that the driver was getting sleepy after turn off the music. So, you can imagine the torture we have to endure for hours and hours. But, the risk of getting crash with another car was enough to shut our mouth.

And believe me, even if you bring your IPOD...the volume from your IPOD will not be able to compete with the loudness from their music. It is a training to be patience for the safety of yourself.

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  1. life is music, itu sih yg sering aku dengar. jadi kalo ada yg sampai gk suka dgr musik, mgk yg bersangkutan udah gk idup lagi :D

    eniwei, krm alamat lengkap km ke DM ku yah. nanti aku krmi postcard ^^

  2. This is hilarious. Points to you to be able to keep your cool after being forced to listen to exasperating music. Have you ever tried those full karaoke buses btw? That would seem to be the nadir to me.


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