Senin, 09 April 2012

Behavior Test

  Would you like to know the most promising behavior test of the decade? No need to go to some kind of institution. It is very easy if you like to try ...

You are curious now? well, just look at yourself and others when you are already on the road. Don't believe me?

Now you are driving your own car and facing this reality that you are stuck in a heavy traffic jam. But, wait...there is this way... It is empty now. If I use this road now, I could speed up my car. And it means I can pass several cars ahead of me. And I can save a few valuable minuted to go home. Will there be any police there? But, life is all about taking a risk, right? So, if meet up with a police then it will be my bad luck. If not then it will be my lucky day. And it turn out there is no police at all. I will repeat this again another time. I probably can be categorized to those people who tends to ignore regulation. Or I am just simply selfish. Then again, aren't we all? :)

Then, there we are together with our dearest lover. Don't get a seat? So what? We could still holding hands, place our body together and if there is a song playing we would be dancing. We would not care if our standing position will bother other passengers. And other time, we both have seat so we can sit side by side. We will look at each other lovingly, holding hands, care nothing else in this world. Oh, there is a pregnant woman? Really? Honestly, we did not see her or anyone else for that matter. The world is just for the two of us and nothing can separate us. Yup, this can be categorized as selfish. Wondering what will happen if we already get married someday... Hmmm...
Well, most of them can be categorized to selfish behavior. And we are just about to start looking :)

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