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List of public transportation in Jakarta

Someone asked me what is the difference between bemo and bajaj. And she also asked me the same thing between Oplet and Mikrolet

So, I started to browse around and now I would like to post the following pictures with a bit of information.

Here is the list of public transportation that once existed and still exist in Jakarta

1. Becak
In Jakarta, becak has wider body and the driver sitting in the back pedalling the becak away. I was surprised to hear my dad told me that he once using becak to go from Matraman to Pasar Baru. To those who have no idea about those places, all I can tell you...it is very far to be reached with car let alone with vehicle using manual labor. But probably the air was a lot fresher and not too much vehicles on the street. So both parties were just fine with it. Nowadays becak only operated around spot for tourists.

picture taken from http://indonesia.newsbeet.com

2. Helicak
Sort of like becak with the driver sitting behind the passengers. However helicak operated by machine and do not have an open space for passengers. This public transportation no longer existed in Jakarta.

picture of  helicak taken from http://www.indomp3z.us

3. Oplet
My Dad said this is originally American branded vehicle..., the name is Austin, if I was not wrong. If mikrolet has a sideway door then oplet has a back door to take and drop the passengers. This vehicle is no longer operating in Jakarta

picture of opelet taken from http://www.beritadaerah.com

4. Bemo
So tiny little bitsy kind of vehicle that force all its passengers to cramp together in the back. Still operating in certain are but not much to be seen. Probably going to be put in the museum in the near future.

5. Bajaj
I have told about it, like there is old and new versions of bajaj in this posting

6. Mikrolet
Replacing oplet as one of public transportation in Jakarta. Still operating and one of traffic contributers.

7. Bus and busway
Regular buses, air conditioned buses and busway that being operated in the middle of the road

8. Metromini / Kopaja
More or less the same with buses. The important point is with Mikrolet or Kopaja could make the short destination become longer like a labyrinth. Perfect for people who like to explore the road.


picture of kopaja taken from http://www.matanews.com

9. Others such as taxi, ojek up to omprengan

Hopefully I have covered them all...

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  1. masih ada juga ya becak di Jakarta? sepertinya dah jarang banget... Nice share! Thanks

  2. Hello Ria,

    It seems that you have a complete list of photos of all the public transportation in Jakarta. WOW!

    I would like to add Ojeg which dominate many residential, and Andong perhaps.

  3. @Dee I think not as many as before :)

    @H. Nizam I have include Ojeg along with taxi and omprengan at the bottom of the list. But I totally forgot to include andong and city train!


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