Kamis, 30 September 2010

Kicked out from the house, did you?

Today I am not going to share my experience on the bus... It is still about public transportation in Jakarta, they are Mikrolet and bemo (I have no idea whether the last one still exist or not). The topic actually could happen as well on the bus, that is when we encounter with another passenger who bring a lot of baggages.

I know that the fare for public transportation is cheap (otherwise, I would not never want to be in the middle of so many people for dozens of years using buses). BUT, I wish they would have enough sense when bringing all that baggages as if they just robbed a house or just kicked out from their home. Bringing so many baggages will take a lot of space and obviously drive other people irritated.

You do know that the door of Mikrolet is not big, right? Well, to all of you who have no idea what is mikrolet and bemo, well let me give me you a bit of explanation. Before that kindly refer to the first picture for MIKROLET and the rest of the other pictures are for Bemo. HOWEVER, those are not my own photos. I got them from browsing google.

Mikrolet usually using some kind of family mini van. In the front area, there should be two passengers sitting beside the driver. At the back, the passengers will seat facing each other. The formation well known : 6 - 4. Six passengers sit on the seated located behind the driver while the other near the door. That's why only four people can sit there. That condition applied if all passengers have ideal normal body weight. And there is this small bench to have additional two more passengers sitting near the door. While for Bemo, is a lot smaller than mikrolet. Amazingly, that tiny vehicle manage to contain and cramped six grudgingly passengers. Sitting facing to each other, unable to stretch their legs as there is space no more. Probably that's make the destination takes by Bemo never really too much far. Otherwise, once all the passengers get off from bemo they will all feel cramp on their ankle.

So, with such a small, tiny, little space we still have to tolerate other people who bring so many stuffs that probably should be kept inside their closet. What drove me mad if I was sitting inside Bemo and have to sit face to face with elderly ladies who just returned from market. They probably brought fishes, chicken, meat, whatever... I could smell them all already. What pissed me off they do not put all their smelly groceries on their lap but just put them down there. ABove their feet and obviously mine as well. PFFFF... That's why I used to avoid getting Bemo unless I can sit in the front area beside the driver. Or near the door so I do not have to be HUNCHBACK from NOTRE DAME as I have to bend myself 90 degree to be able to get off from Bemo.

The same thing with people who bring so many baggages inside mikrolet. So, we the other passengers have to understand and willingly let our feet get cramped with all their things.

Can't get angry. Those are public transportation. If the driver does not mind then get ready to get crazy all the way as our feet can't go anywhere or stretching to other direction thanks to all those baggages.


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