Selasa, 28 September 2010

Lesson part 1

From a book about people's body language, I read that public area or public transportation are the right places to slowly but sure in learning about situation and body language of people around.

When we frequently using the bus daily (as we have to due to limited options), rather than just wondering around we start to notice every common things on the bus...

If we use the bus quite often, then we surely know that A SEAT is obviously becoming the most wanted items on the bus... So, if there is an empty seat inside a crowded bus unwanted by any passengers, then we will be able to start making a list of presumption of the obvious events :

1. The passenger sitting beside the empty seat turn out have a smelly stinking odor
Ah, I am not insulting or anything... IT'S A TRUTH! Once I just get on the bus that fairly crowded... I said fairly as I was still able to get on the bus, right? As usual, I swept the entire space inside the bus in vain hope that I would catch a passenger before me about leaving the bus... Then my eyes stumble on an empty seat and my heart were like leaping away... But wait... Why there was nobody seems interested to sit there? And not so many people want to stand near that empty seat though they have shoved over by the driver's assistant. So, surely but sure I was starting to move near the seat... YUCK... No wonder nobody want to sit there. Later on, a girl get on the bus and whoosh she straightly put herself on that HOT SEAT. It did not take long before she start shifting her sitting position. If previously she sat staring up front, now she move her entire body to the other direction... Back to back with the person sitting beside her. I notice this with concern (and smiling *vicious*). That's not all. Her hands starting to move pinching her nose (but she pretend as if she want to hold her face to start sleeping)
That's why you need to have a quick look first, Miss... Why people do not want to sit there!

2. If it is raining, those seats located at the back area of the AC bus will surely empty
Don't even try to sit there unless you already bring proper and complete tools. They are raincoat, plastic tablecloth or something like canvas.
As once the rain pouring hard outside the bus, then the AC bus will adjusted itself as per the weather out there by giving big flood to seats located in the back area.
If you happen to be on the bus BEFORE the rain, well just brace yourself...

3. There are left over of meals which have been processed inside the stomach
Obviously this one need no more further explanation right?

See, who said that people can't just study anywhere and any time? Hehehehe
See you on the next course ;)

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