Kamis, 23 September 2010

Manner, mind you

Like I said before... Using the bus will allowing us to meet with so many people with so many personalities

Previously, I went out using the bus and as usual I did not get an empty seat and have to stand. Waiting for someone else getting ready to their bus stop and leave me a seat... Finally, after half of the journey a guy sitting next to me stand up... He was about to leave... Happily I was preparing myself to sit when suddenly a woman coming out from nowhere slip behind me and just sat there!!!

Oh dear! We still have that no manner kind of people nowadays

Actually, when we said that today's generation lack of manner, ehm...have we ever wondered from whom they pick up the attitude? Obviously from the family, right? THat woman who stole the seat is about my age...oh wait..., now I am positive she is older...(no way I am about the same age as her)... If she was with her childern, she would have given them an outstandingly bad manner to them. They would think, oh my Mom could do this...so why couldn't we?

That's not all the bad examples that I have seen from parents... Another example is take things too easy... So, a few months ago women separated from men during queuing. Then there was a group of one family entered the bus stop. The daughter then said to her Mom that they should be queuing here and her Dad should be at the other one. Good girl... But the mother simply said to her daughter that the rule does not need to be followed... She could not pick another answer that was not give any indication to her daughter that is okay to break the rule.

Inside the busway I often saw teenagers just sitting around does not care that there was a pregnant lady in front of them. Not until there is an official told them to stand up and give their seat to the pregnant lady.

Even there is a sign indicating that no food and drinks allowed inside the busway, still I saw a mother given meal for her children... Oh, they are not infant... They are teens...probably around 10 - 13 years old... Why I even notice? Because one of them throw up and make a mess on the busway's floor. The official look at the mother sourly... While the other passenger give the killing looks... The smell..., ugh...

So, if youngster are without manner, ask...whose fault is that?

Oh yes, if you meet with people without manner like them..., just ignore them... Not at the same level to make a scene with

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