Senin, 20 September 2010

Tips on find a little bit of comfort on the bus

What's the difference between regular bus and busway?

The prominent difference is from the way we queue and pay the ticket. If we take the regular bus there is no need to buy ticekt... Though I heard that long time ago regular buses provide tickets for students... But I have never seen it by myself.

And now with busway, at least we have a choice in getting to our destination though the comfort is depends on working hours and holidays.

One day before Idul Fitri usually hard for us to find regular buses operating... So, rather than wasting time waiting on the street better just straight enter the bus stop for busway.

Yup, for those who still do not know, bus stop for busway located in the middle of the high way. The bus stop for busway serve for two opposite direction at once. To serve all passangers from every location in Jakarta, there is this transit bus stop. Passangers need to the transit bus stop to continue their journey to certain areas. If you take the busway before 7 AM (they operating since 5 AM) then it will cost you 2,000 Rupiah. After 7 AM then the ticket raised to 3,500 Rupiah.

One day before Idul Fitri and during Idul Fitri holidays and one day after Idul Fitri...are the most wonderful days. We will able to enjoy sitting on the busway and even regular buses without have to be pushed around by other passangers... Obviously cofor for us but becoming a disaster for buses owners as no passangers means no income... Yikes

Usually, the situation in the capital city of Indonesia that is Jakarta will be back like before with traffic jam and over loaded people after a week from Idul Fitri holiday.

So, go ahead enjoy Jakarta during Idul Fitri holiday or other holiday that close to weekend... Though can't promise you any comfort if you step your feet at transit bus stop for busway;)

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