Rabu, 22 September 2010


Long ago, when I was still idiot when it comes to use regular buses, I went from home a lot earlier just to go to the bus terminal... What for? For me to get an available seat... And for me to ensure that I do get a bus to go to campus. Rather than standing wondering to the wonderland on the street...better I just go to the terminal as the centre of all buses... That's how considerate it... As the street at that time (meaning long time ago) not as jam as current traffic.

However for busway, even if we wait at the terminal does not mean we will get the bus less than half an hour. My experience has been proofing that.

Busway terminal that has attraction (for my standard) so far in Blok M and Pusat GROSIR CIKINI (shorten as PGC). Nothing unusual at terminal Blok M actually. But since we have to pass the mall that is why so fun for me. It's just that I am not sure if I was there at night and nobody around me. Last time I was there around 08.00 PM and still many people around. I have never been there after 08.00 PM. While terminal

Back to the story about terminal, one day I decide to use terminal busway atKampung Melayu. The reason? Well, I thought that if I wait from the terminal surely there would be many buses to pick us the passangers. Just like regular buses crowded inside the terminal. It turn out...I am SO WRONG. From few passangers starting to escalate into many. Finally after half an hour I can stand no longer and decide to get out from the terminal and loose the money that I paid for the busway's fare. Rather than I spend my time up to an hour... Sighed... So sad

Ah, same thing happenned at PGC... But down there I was mesmerized with the terminal... Well, it is so close to the mall if not to say perhaps located inside the mall. Can you imagine if it was hot out there or even raining. We can relax waiting the busway inside the cozy terminal with air conditioner and there lots seats... But since the waited busway seems forget to pass at the terminal, most of the passangers started to line up near the sliding door... Yeap, doors at the terminal use sliding door...but mostly already broken while here at PGC's terminal the condition still good. But well, not as beautiful as I imagine...as again I have to loose my money for the bus fare as I walked out from the terminal. I was tired to wait more than half an hour. I prefer going home with another public transportation.

Pity actually... The terminal look nice, clean, comfy...but the frequencies of buses were not the same...

However, not all busway's terminal like that. Busway's terminal at Blok M and Kota so far for me have not been so bad with the availabilty of the busways. So I think, though there are special road for busways but not automatically free from traffic jam. And if the busway passing the traffic jam areas, then no wonder the frequency becoming less and less.

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