Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

Safety problem

Using public transportation in Jakarta is sort of a dilemma. If it was full, we feel very annoyed. Aside that we are suffering from the heat, we are stuck in the middle with dozen of people, totally exhausted as we do not get a seat and have to stand for quiet some times. And surely do not forget about pickpocket. Not to mention people with demented hobby by doing sexual harassment on the bus. With all of that, we then start to dream if only that public transportation is not so crowded. We would not feel like we were rush when we we are about to get on or get off. We do not have to get squeezed by other passengers or their belongings.

But, once we get on an empty bus or other public transportation...we would be lying if we did not feel worry. A few years ago there were cases of hold-up inside illegal public transportation. I said illegal because they are actual personal vehicle transformed without legal permit into public transportation. Perhaps sort of hitch hiking. But people who hitch hiking does not need to pay the fare. While this one, people will pay the fare to the driver. Most people prefer this kinda transportation. As, most of the passengers going to the same direction and soon become familiar to one another. But, few years ago...there were people pretend to be the driver and passengers in this illegal transportation. Then robbed the real passengers. So, the question when we get on the not so crowded public transportation...are these all real passengers or not?

Well, to be honest I can not give you tips other than to follow our own instinct. Usually our instinct hardly makes mistake though from other people's point of view we could be labeled to paranoid or fabricating a situation that not exist.

If we are already inside a public transportation and feel something not right, do not hesitate to get off even though our destination still far from being close. Don't worry about the fare as it would be nothing compare with other losses. Such as mentally; being shocked after the crime took place. Or naturally material looses that would take more rather than just the fare.

Once I decide to get off from a taxi as I felt that the driver kinda annoying. He kept on opposing all the direction that I have told him to take. Finally I decide to get off near my friend's home and just get another taxi. I did not mind loosing the fare rather than being agitated all the way home.

Often we heard recommendation from people about "bad" taxis and "Good" taxis. Though is good to have recommendation like this, but not always guarantee us safety and comfort.

Obviously when we go together with bunch of people, slim chance that we all going to be robbed by the driver and his accomplice. But when we are alone then we need to be extra careful. And trust our instinct. Plus, prays...a lot.

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