Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Handphone on the bus

Sometimes I think handphone should also be forbidden on the bus... A warning not to use handphone on the plane due to the signal will disturb navigate system on the plane. Even with that horrific fact still there are passengers who just simply not care

Then why the use of handphone on the bus must be forbidden?

1. Well, for your own safety
Aren't you forgetting that there are many pickpocket on the bus? What's the point of parading your new gadget on the bus? Oh, well come on... There is no way I am going to be mugged. I am sure I will remember where do I keep it. And surely I will remember to be careful not to let anyone grabbing my bag... YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?

2. Noisy
Totally true... NOISY... You are fall into a sleep while you are sitting there on the bus, then suddenly there is this thundering voice beside you
YEEESSSSS! GOOD MORNING SIR! (silence while listening)
NOT YET! I AM STILL ON THE BUS (another silence while he listen to someone on the other line)
HUAHAHAHAHAH.... YOU JUST KNOW IT, SIR...(listening seriously)

While the people on the right and left beside him glancing in fury and if only they could scream, "OH NOOOOO.... Why can't you speak when you have met the person?

3. Fall
Yes, you could fall while in the middle of message texting. Message texting with one hand is kinda tricky... Then without realizing it, the other hand that you used to hold on to something...finally reaching the gadget... And just after you releasing the holding hear the screeching sound from the driver hit the brake. And by the sound of the brake your body is flying to don't know where along with your gadget flying beautifully. Until it landed somewhere and got kicked by other passenger...and its gone. Or even if you manage to find it, it has been damaged.
And in that teary moment, there will be always someone saying to you, " THat is why you do not play with your gadget all the time..."

4. Destination forgotten
I was reading my book when i heard a scream from a lady. It turn out that she was busy chatting over her cellphone and forgot to get off from the busway when it has arrived to one of those bus stops. And like always, rather than get to be blamed by others...better blaming other in the first place.
"Hei! Stop! That was my stop, " the lady screamed
"Sorry Ma'am, no can do... I have informed that we have arrived at the previous bus stop. But you did not respond to me, " the official replied with patience.
"But I was on the phone!"

Hhhmmm, I was thinking... What was that suppose to mean? So the busway and all of us here have to wait on that bus stop until she finished with her phone?

And while she was ranting, the busway kept on moving. Unfortunately (for her) the next bus stop is miles away than the previous stop.

"Let me get off here!" she screamed again angrily.

The official in charge sighed, "We can't do that, Ma'am. You have to get off at the bus stop for busway... We are not allowed to just let the passengers out in random places... It's dangerous..."

Finally she gave up and since she was still not satisfied she ranted again. She was back on the phone with don't know who and ranted about how nobody informed that she supposed to be getting off, blah, blah, blah

5. Dangerous
Nowadays there is a huge fine to drivers if they were caught busy chatting on the phone while driving whereas they should be concentrate on driving. So I beginning to think, is the same rule also applying to bus drivers? I have witnessed that several of them loves chatting on the phone while driving the bus. And to think that there are so many lives at stakes in their hands. What if there is a car crash due to loose ability to focus while driving?

Now you see why the use of handphone should be forbidden on the bus? (yeah right, as if I could stand not playing with my gadget on the bus)

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