Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

Street singer...entertainment on the bus

One of the longest entertainment on the bus is street singers.

All my life spent on the bus, I hardly ever been able to enjoy their voice... Most of them were unpleasant to be heard. But then again, how in the heck we the passengers able to listen to their singing if we are dead tired from standing there too long, sweaty and greasy. Even if we are able to sit, the blasting horn and other cars engine from outside the bus are louder. Plus, most of the street singers were barely screaming or even mumbling (I even thought that they were not street singers) not so clear what they are up to. Can you imagine the ears of those passengers have to hear the sound of cars, engine, the cracking voice of street signer and to complete everything the sound of music full blasting from the driver. No, the driver is not singing. If he become street singer then who would drive the bus? But the driver turn on the music and the loud speaker...may compete with those concerts held in Ancol.

Street singers could turn nasty if we the passengers refuse to give them money. Over and over again, they would say that by giving them 500 Rupiahs will not make us poor. yeah, but when it comes to give money then it is up to us, right? Probably their bad luck if there is no passengers want to give them money as for all the way of that route there were dozens of street singers before them. If we give 500 Rupiahs to 10 street singers, wow it would amounted to 5,000 Rupiahs. Not bad, we could buy chocolate bread for our evening snacks.

But not all street singers are annoying, several of them can really entertain us or make us smile...like the following :

1. Street singers with two memorized songs
At first I did not really pay attention what that street singer sang about. Well, I have shut my ears with IPOD ever since I got out from the house and therefore I do not care whatsoever with around me. But once in a while I took off the IPOD and that was the moment I heard what he was singing about. Every day I used the same bus at approximately same hours. It turn out the street singers operated at that same hour. Soon enough I finally realized that he could only sang two different songs. Like for example, on Monday he sang Only You and the next day he sang Because of You. Later on Wednesday he is back singing Only You and so on...
Pretty smart. The most important he memorized two songs only so he could sing it from the heart

2. My friend told me about the story which made me laugh when try to imagine it...
My friend's husband told her that he once saw a street singer furious to be given 500 Rupiahs and thrown back the money to the passengers who give it to hi,. He said, hopefully I translate this correctly," Goodness, I was only worth as much as 500 Rupiahs! Didn't they see me singing with vibration and has nailed the feeling of it?"
LOL... What a stuck up street singer

3. Under age street singers sang in terrible English
When I heard him for the first time, I was in between laughing and touched. I feel sorry, he is still so young but has to earn money by being street singer. So, we the passengers did not hesitate to give him money. But when the next time we saw him again, repeating his tactic by singing the same song with the exact same way as before, over and over again...we just bored finally and in the end not giving him money anymore.

4. Street singer with screeching voice
Yeap, this one try to hit the high notes and blew it. Terrible. But, did he give up? Of course not. He clearing his throat and then started to sing the song right from the beginning...and totally failed once more. That was the moment he caught passenger's attention. Including me who also tried to have a look at that street singer. I pay attention to him from the very beginning...and still he got slip on that high notes. This time he gracefully bowed and said that was it and after saying goodbye to all the laughing passengers he walked out from the bus.
What a street singer! He failed, and then tried again, failed once more and he did not even ask for a compensation at all. Was this only a trick to gain fans? Do not know, as I have never seen him again. Or to be precise, I have never heard any street singer slip while singing high notes and resigning themselves without ask for money.

5. The street singer who get too comfy inside the bus
This one really enjoying his singing time on the bus without even bothered whether we the passengers already getting bored or giving him money. I even heard the driver's assistant yelled at him," Oi, get it done quick! You almost run out passengers!"

By the way, the below picture is not mine. I got it from kolomkita.detik.com after browsing on Google 

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