Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

Queuing separation

When they started to separate queuing between men and women on busway's bus stop and terminal, I could only laugh...

Not that I do not appreciate what they were trying to do to prevent sexual harassment that has been going on for ages. However queuing separation will never be able run smoothly if:

It is peak hour, busy hour, crazy hour. The hour when people want to leave home for work, school. The hour when people leaving school and office to go home. All come together in the exact same time. People instinctively going to search no matter how tiny space that giving them even the smallest chance to get in the first line from the queuing. If necessary, they will bring rope and hanging around in front of the rolling door at the bus stop for busway in order to be able to get on the bus ahead from other people. If they are able to get on the bus first, then they will be able to choose which seat they want to sit on. Otherwise, they could choose which corner they could just stand without being squeezed by others. So, if the line for women's queuing is a bit empty during the peak hours then those men will never care less. If people already over crowded, the officials in charge finding a hard time to keep the rule. The people will becoming more fierce. And the official probably think, oh what the heck... It is you who is going to fall not me.
Out from the peak hour, then there are less people and therefore automatically they becoming calm and just follow the rule without being told to.

Before they started to apply the rule, please be informed that the space on the terminal and bus stop for busway are tiny. Do not imagine that the space is as grand as terminal for train (please be reminded that they built those places in the middle of the road)
So, how can they arrange separation between men and women regarding to queue?

Good intention to have this kind of rule. Unfortunately is not really that easy to be applied. As it will be up to the user, will they agree to follow the rule? Will they agree to be told what to do in order to obey the rule? Mostly...not really... Come on! Admit it...! (just like me when panicking in rush for home as soon as possible)

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