Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Let me outta here

Things that could force people get off from public transportation whether is a bus, busway, mikrolet, and many others:

Downed tools
Well…isn’t that so obvious? What else could you do when that situation occur? Would you like to offer your help to push the vehicle? Or you wish to pray for a miracle to happen so the public transportation miraculously back in business in order for you avoiding loss for the fare? If you want to pray then you should do it before you use any public transportation.

Have no idea what, where, how that smell is coming but it stink! And inhaling that odor in a long time makes you get a headache. To avoid any unfortunate events such as collapsing in public place perhaps you should take a hike from that vehicle.

That kind of creepy feeling
You are unsure about something but it keep on bugging you… If you feel that if you are in danger or some kind then do not hesitate to just get off the public transportation. The fare you lose meant nothing with the gruesome ordeal that you might have to face if you choose to ignore those feeling. Naturally, remind yourself don’t just get off in a secluded area…

High volume music!
Once I entering mikrolet with dark glasses, there are this discotheque lamps above playing with your eyes and of course that big bad loud speaker. And then the driver put on this tripping music that will drive you wild at the club but drive you insane inside that tiny public transportation. If you are not in a hurry to go to your destination then perhaps getting off will be a very good decision.
Same things happen on the bus though the area is much wider that does not mean will lessen any suffering that you have to listen the loud music. Not only the music is beyond your taste the driver feel the need to turn on the volume to the maximum level. If you are listening to your IPOD then it would be better if you just take it off. It won’t do you any good to try covering the unwanted music by making the volume louder on your IPOD. The sound from that big loud speaker still able to penetrate into your ears and it will be better you just get off the bus… If you really can not take it anymore…

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