Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010


Everybody makes a fuss about 10.10.10

Many people held their wedding ceremony on this date… And those who are in the middle of their pregnancy probably going to give birth through operation in order to deliver the baby exactly on 10.10.10 and will even better to be born at 10 o'clock at 10th minutes at 10th second. How cool is that? So, if people ask you when was your child born? Ehm, you could answer :…. Yipeee

Actually if being asked why such an obsession with that particular kind of date…well it is obvious so we can remember things easily. Usually people remembering something because it was unique or give impression in the heart.

Talking about something unique, it made remember funny words from motor taxi’s driver (but absolutely not the one below, I took this when he was not aware…) who offered his service to me…

Him : Miss, need motor taxi?
Me : No, I don’t… (and kept on walking without really paying attention to him)
Him : Why Miss? This heat frighten you? Well, don’t be… Mine is air conditioned

It stop me from walking further and take a look at the witty driver… If I did not remember that I was in a hurry to get a bus I would have answered, “ Are you saying air con from the nature? No need to say more…”
Come on… The only Air Con available on motorcycle is the wind slapping you on the face and it will get you cold for sure.

The other time, I was using another public transportation that sort of like Mikrolet and decided to sit beside the driver. You know about how I really dislike sitting near people who brought so many baggage. After I sat, it did not take long enough for the 20 something driver to start his act.

It was the time when we still see very few car using CD’s player. Not even on private car let alone public transportation vehicle. But the driver let out a compact disc and inserted it to the player…. Whoooosss…the blue light shone as a sign that the player is now ready. Spontaneously I glanced at the driver. I was thinking…, my, my…he’s got style. The sound of music start to fill the car and I was glad I did not sit at the back. I assume that is where the loud speaker located. And I did not want to hear loud music near my ears. After I reached my destination, I give him the fare and you know what…? He said thank you… Yeah, in ENGLISH! To which I replied ,”Your welcome…”

A driver speaking ENGLISH, maaan… (aside that’s probably the only word he knew…well, who cares?)
I can’t believe that so many people claim they went to get higher education but chicken out with English language…
I could not remember their faces exactly… However, I do remember things that they have said… Things they have done…

Perhaps I would be able to remember a lot more if it was happening at 10.10.10

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  1. ini Mikrolet 37 jurusan senen-pulogadung ya hihi.. nice using this to travel and carry us on with natural air conditioner:)

  2. oh bukaaaan.... Senen - kampung melayu... If you are talking about natural air conditioner then we should talk about Ojek :D


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