Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010


I heard from the news that today 20102010 there would be massive demonstration... Demonstration means heavy traffic jam and probably motorcycle taxi will have so many passengers by the end of the day...

Speaking about it, One of the visitors here kind enough to remind me to not forget wear helmet everytime I use Ojek / motorcycle taxi ...

Now that's another tricky part...

Well, as we all know...ojek is public transportation here... When I said public, meaning that there are many people use their services. And it is also meaning that the HELMET provided by the ojek's driver has been used by so many people.

I am not a fashionista or have this good thick glowing hair... As a matter of fact I am facing the danger of being bald as my hair keeps falling down my head... So, if I have to put that helmet after being used by so many people who probably has dandruff on their head or have another hair problems...yikes... It is kinda yucky, right?

So, what I suppose to do when the ojek that I ride passing an area where there are so many policemen standing by? There is no way I am going to buy and bring my own helmet... It is so annoyingly heavy. Beside, if the destination is not too far and still around the area of my home then I could choose not to wear helmet. But if it was on the highway then I am not that daredevil. Additionally, the ojek's driver will not taking any chances and usually ask their passengers to wear helmet. The first time I was forced to wear helmet as the driver sort of beg me to.
"Miss, please wear the helmet... If you do not wear it I could get a fine by the police because it is breaking the law..."

Though not really want to, nevertheless I have to force myself to wear the helmet and the result? I felt the itchy feeling in my head... Okay, once is enough. I started to think how to protect my head without having risk to get germs from other passenger's head.

Come to think of it... Oh, dear.. Silly me... I used to wear jumper and there is the hood to cover my head... So, I can safely use the hot so hygienis helmet to protect my head. I also prepare scarf daily so I can wear it before the helmet just in case I do not wear my jumper that day.

If I really want to be safe, then there will be a way ^_____^

I am safe and the ojek's driver is happy...

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  1. 201020.. If I really want to be safe, then there will be a way..I Love that quote",, yupzz.. Have a nice day!


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