Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Now push back!

How to get back to people who push you around on the bus…

Hahahahah…. No, no, no… It is not my intention to teach you how to get enemy on the bus or hurt someone else that makes them end up in a hospital…

But you know what… Some people really need to be hit in the head … SOMETIMES…

One thing that you have to realize and know: this is a public place and not some private place belonging to you.
You will meet people who do not hesitate to push people around so she or he could make ways to get into the first line. If you try to be angry with this people, trust me… YOU WILL ONLY DEGRADE yourself. People would not mind to push, step on other people but get furious when other people did the same thing to them.

Once a girl pushed me from behind because she probably thought she was the only one who wants to get on the bus. So, I waited my chance and I pushed her back but keep my face straight. As if I did not realize what I has done to her. You know what, she got angry and told her mates that she was being pushed by me. She keep pointing, whispering and even try to glare just to catch my attention. I suppose she was so ready to drop everything with her and said,”BRING IT ON!” But I keep a straight face and pretending I did not listen. And after a while her trash mouth probably tired and she just stop. Do not mess up with a 37 year old tired lady…

There was a time I was not in the mood and when I did not want to move myself to the back of the bus (why should I? I was about to get off within minutes) there was a girl got angry and said something unpleasant. When I retorted back she fired back… I back off because to be honest…I was embarrassed. I should be able to control my emotion. Am I afraid to get into cat fight on the bus? Hell, yeah! What if everyone on the bus took out their cellphone and started to record everything then upload it to internet? It would be a humiliation. So, I just stay quiet and when I was about to get off I throw her a dirty look.

When people refused to slightly move over from where they are standing then it means they are about to get off at the nearest bus stop or simply not want to. Relax… Don’t get angry. Just remember when you are late entering classes or courses. The best seat already taken. In this case the best place to sit (usually near the door so it would be easier to get off the bus) already being occupied by someone else earlier than you. Suck it up. If not, then go ahead try to push that person as he or she will not just give in.

If someone step on you well try to think positive as she or he might not doing that on purpose. They just stumble upon something and you get to be stepped over. But if they push you then I can assure you they do it INTENTIONLY. They wants you to just move aside and give them the way. ARE THEY NUTS? Nope. It is just what happens daily on the bus. People loose their common sense.
Sometimes, they push other people due for being pushed by people standing behind them. A woman once scolded me because I sort of push her aside. I ignored her because if she did not move and I have to stand behind her obediently then someone will take my place and make ways to the bus… Sighed.

Anyway, just remember… If other passenger pushes you, don’t get mad. Just get it over with. Let it go if you want to practice healthy living. But if not, then go ahead… Do the same thing. But make sure you did not glare to that person and make a face saying,”HAH! You push me then I push you too!”… Just keep a straight face and look ahead. And please, please…do not push them to the ground… You will feel sorry afterwards!

Oh and by the way, just think this…if other people push you…then perhaps they just return the favor… (LOL)

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  1. Reminds me of the bad ol' days when
    I had no choice but to take the bus.

    Thank God now we have trains in KL

    You know Ria, the worss thing that can
    happen is when you had a bad day in the
    office , and standing gloomily in a bus,
    some pak or mak in the bus comes shouting
    into ur ear "Masuk dalam,
    masuk dalam" as if they were having an
    orgasm... Makes my bad day even worse.
    Makcik buta kah ? Sudah tak ada tempat
    di belakang. How to masuk dalam ?
    Menggatal nak masuk....Bah !

    And to think that someone doesn't care
    to at least put on a decent deodorant,
    while they nonchalantly shove their
    smelly armpits over your face.

    You also tend to meet the worst people
    in buses. Young or old, Men and women,
    shove and push with brute strength of
    a lembu or kerbau. Never mind that we
    are civilised humans.

    I'm sure you would have already realised,
    a bus is as good as kandang lembu .....
    only in Asia....

  2. sound so harsh and yet so true... What can I say... I am still can't afford to buy a car or something for my own transportation...
    And you are so right! the bus driver's assistant keep on telling us to go to the back...if you get on the bus through the front door. But if you get on the bus through the back door, he will tell you to go to the front... Sighed... We treated like cattle going to be slaughtered...

  3. An interesting post about your experience in facing other passengers who push around.
    Your story about the bus driver and assistant remind me about how leaders in our community
    and/or country are treating citizens.

  4. can I say no comment on this one...? Hihihihihi... (while I keep on nodding and nodding...)


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