Jumat, 12 November 2010

Ask for help

My mom said if we deal with a stingy person then we need to ask before that person finally give in (though not with sincere feeling). We have to at least said something since we are the one who need it. Don't hold back.

We need to do that when we use public transportation. We could not expect other people will understand though some cases does. Then again, this is a public place where we meet all kind of personalities.


1. Pregnancy
Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know that women with this condition should not ask for help from other passengers. Other passengers should have compassion towards them. But it could be the passengers also feel tired or just don't want to know.
So for me...do not hesitate to ask for a favor from somebody's else. We should consider ourselves along with the child inside. What if the driver hit the brake suddenly and then you fall? Who are you going to blame? The driver? The passenger who sat nicely near the spot where you have to stand?

2. Sick
Pfff, once I honestly begged a guy who sat near the area where I have to standing all the way through the pms tortures. Thank you GOd he was willing to stand up and give me his seat.

3. Heated
I never understand why Indonesian people manage to breath inside a space with no air circulation. I noticed that rarely people asked from the sitting passengers to open the windows next to their seat. While the air inside the bus is intolerable due to the heat
Once, I asked a girl who sat near the window to open it now. While pouting she opened the window. Giving only few opened space. SUddenly a guy standing beside me took initiatives to open the window wider. It turn out he was also could not stand it anymore. Then again, he need someone else to pop the question first.

4. Sick part 2
If we are in good condition that getting touched by the wind is something that we do not mind. But when we are not feeling very well...that would be the last thing we need. Obviously we want to close the window tight. Sometimes I do wonder probably those people close the window because they are avoiding cold air from outside and care nothing about other people?
When we are the one who is sick then we have no choice but to ask for the window to be closed or at least not being opened too wide.

Help request that would probably be rejected totally point blank:

Request to ask for a seat to put their baggages.
If that was me, I would totally reject the request as are you crazy? If you bring too many baggages then it would be your problem don't give that to anybody else.

Soo, if you need then do not hesitate to ask for help except the last above request. Jakartan probably looks cruel but that because they are tired already. Most of them would not have the heart to refuse help request from other people... But we always knows when someone try to take advantage from our kindness. As soon as those pretenders ask for seat they suddenly become so healthy after faking to be ill...

Just have faith.

7 komentar:

  1. Hi Ria,
    I must admit that some male passengers in Jakarta tend to be ignorant to old, pregnant, sick female passengers.
    Therefore, like you said, you must not hesitate to ask them for the seat.

  2. :) bkn hanya di JKT. di KL pun byk pria yg kurang bertolerasi...

  3. @Multibrand Well, I think people are different in so many ways... Sometimes we do have to open our mouth to request for something that actually need not to be spoken

    @Jinx Sebenarnya semua org krg bisa saling bertoleransi kok... Heheheh...gak selalu cowok...cewek juga bisa kejam apalagi kalau dia sendiri lg gak enak badan atau capek

  4. Ria,
    Yeah, people should be more sensitive.

  5. they have enough on their mind to remember to be kind to others :D

  6. just this morning i gave up my seat to a pregnant lady. sementara bapa2 ato mas2 yg lain duduk aja tenang. untungnya sara lgs dapet tempat lagi,, i believe when you're nice to someone,, you're bound to get something nice back,, walau ga tau kapan atau dalam bentuk apa,, hehehe,, tp bener, kadang udah terlalu capek jadi dah masa bodo ah,, sekali2 ky gitu sih pernah juga,, xp

    udah lama nih sara ga baca blog mba ria,, seruu~ :)

  7. sama... gue juga kalau lagi cuek suka belagak gak liat... Ngerasa berdosa juga sih... Tapi daripada kolaps di bus...


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