Rabu, 10 November 2010

Don't mess with the driver

My friend said this after reading my posting about driver who waits for hours for passengers.
That's so true my friends. Never ever try to make a scene with the driver in the middle of his job to take passengers reaching their destination. otherwise then get ready for these :

1. Mikrolet's driver Waiting for passengers
Never ever tried to rush the driver to get it move on. If we hate waiting then it would be best for us to step out from the waiting vehicle and shut your ears if the driver screaming at you. He needs passengers but we need to beat the time. Although we still need the cheap fare as well.
If they are upset, some of them immediately barking at us. I prefer these kind of drivers as it would giving me a chance to walk out from his vehicle. If he did not retort back, then get ready to have a heart attack as the driver will speed his vehicle to the limit.

2. Bajaj's driver
The driver will be pissed if we bargain too cheap for the fare. It is a good thing if he just move away as a sign that he refused the offered fare. The disaster came when he angrily agree with the fare and once we get in he drove the vehicle like crazy
That's why I always wondering when hearing a friend bargain too cheap. Aren't they afraid that the driver will drive like crazy as he hates to accept the fare but need the money?

3. Paid below the fare
If we are on the bus, we would be dealing a lot with the driver's assistant when it comes to the fare.
But with mikrolet's driver, oh don't you even think to pay below the fare. They would not hesitate to stop, get out from their vehicle, chasing us then asked for the fare to be paid full.
How could I know? Well, I once experienced that being chased by the driver because my friend did not pay accordingly. It was a surprise to see him suddenly behind us asking for the money.
Lucky us he did not hit us on the spot.

4. Opposite tendencies
If we want the public transportation to move fast...then the driver make it very slowly as if to compete with a turtle. But when we want the public transportation to move slower ( I did not say slowly... I just want it to be a bit slower) then it was like a push for them to drive it as fast as they can be.

The point is, let them drive, let them do whatever they want as long as they bring us safe up to our destination.

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  1. Hi Ria,
    You are very right, bus drivers should not be bothered while they are doing their job.
    This is merely for the safety of the passengers.

  2. Ini baru namanya sopir yang penulis


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